About Visitors Analytics

Use the Visitors analytics dashboard to learn more about how your team and visitors use Envoy.

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Benefits of the Visitors analytics dashboard

The Visitors analytics dashboard can help you make smarter, more data-driven decisions about your workplace.

  • Identify gaps in security and opportunities to optimize your visitor policies and sign-in procedures

  • See patterns in visitor traffic to help inform staffing, purchasing, and business decisions

  • Understand who on your team is using from Envoy and who may need additional training 

  • Arm your team and higher-ups with insights that can help them make better decisions

How the Visitors analytics dashboard works

  1. You can choose to change the time frame you want to view analytics for or choose from any of our pre-set options
    • Today
    • Past 7 days
    • Past 30 days
    • Past 60 days
    • Past 90 days
    • Current month
    • Current year
    • All time

Here’s an overview of what information you can find in your Visitors analytics dashboard.

  • Visitors - The total number of visitors for the time frame selected

  • Invites - The total number of invites for the time frame selected

  • Employees hosting - The number of employees who hosted a visitor in the selected time period

  • Busiest times - Broken down by day and hour for the time frame selected.

  • Visitor type data - How many average daily sign-ins, busiest hour for this particular visitor type, busiest day for this particular visitor type, and the median time it takes visitors to sign-in on your kiosk.

  • Visits with legal documents - The number of visitors who have or have not signed a legal document.

  • Visits with photos - The number of visitors who have or have not taken a photo.

  • Visits with host - The number of visitors who do and don’t have a host.

  • Activity

    • No shows: Number of people who were invited to come in but never signed in/arrived

    • Registered arrivals: Number of people who were invited to come in and signed in

    • Walk-ins: Number of people who were not invited but visited the office

    • Capacity: This can show you visually how many visitors you had in comparison to where the capacity was set.

Global Admins can see combined analytics for all of their locations in the global overview.

Exporting visitor data

If you would like to export your data to do additional analysis or share it with your team, you can do so.

  • Export all data as a .csv. Click the gear icon in the top right corner and select “Download as CSVs.” This is a great option if you want to bring all of your data into one sheet and compare multiple metrics.

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