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Anonymous Security List
Anonymous Security List

Generate a list of anonymous invited visitors, accessible via an external and resettable authenticated URL.

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How does this app work?

This utility provides an anonymous list of invited visitors for security staff. Each item in the list is comprised of Envoy custom fields which are configurable during setup.

The list can be accessed externally through the Security URL provided after setup. The Security URL can be regenerated on demand and expires any previously generated Security URLs. Accessing the Security URL requires Envoy authentication.

Individual entries on the Security List can be signed in with the click of the "Sign In" button. When this button is gray and inaccessible it means the visitor has already been signed in.

If an invite does not match a visitor type selected during or does not have a custom field corresponding with a selection made during setup then the invite information will not be displayed in the Security List.

Getting Started

1. Security List Plugin: Navigate to Apps > All Apps in Envoy and search for "Security List", then click "Install" on the corresponding result.

2. Visitor Types: Select the visitor types you would like to qualify for listing in the Security List (note: only invites with corresponding visitor types are listed in the Security List).

3. Custom Fields: Select the custom fields you would like to qualify for listing in the Security List (note: only invites with these custom fields are listed in the Security List). Enabling "Regenerate Link" on this setup step will recreate the Security Link in the last step.

4. Security URL: This final step will show you the security URL which you can distribute to security personnel. If you need to regenerate the Security Link you can toggle on the option "Regenerate Link" in the preceding "Custom Fields" step.


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