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Connecting your physical ecosystem

Updated over a week ago

Add Envoy to your physical security ecosystem with the braXos connector for Envoy. This new connector allows several new building automations. braXos can provision information both into and out of Envoy to a wide variety of Visitor Management, Access Control and IT Applications.

How does this application work?

Instead of contacting property management for individual guests each day, systems configured with braXos will pick up new Envoy visitors within a minute and send their information to the building system, including updates and deletion in Envoy. Visitors in the building system can also be assigned appropriate access levels.

Enabling the Envoy + braXos Connector

Note: This connector requires an existing account and configuration in braXos.

  1. Create a Global Admin account specifically for braXos API access to your company in Envoy.

  2. Share the newly created account credentials with braXos, including the specifications / customization you would like with your new connector.

About braXos

  • Industrial strength security software platform, enterprise architecture

  • a Microsoft .NET framework with a web user interface

  • A builder of connectors, including a strong Envoy software connector allowing for plug and play functionality

Note: This is a partner integration. Envoy does not manage this integration. For any inquiries, or assistances with configuration, or troubleshooting, please reach out to the braXos Support Staff here.

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