The Mist app enables you to easily provide each of your visitors unique access to your Wi-Fi network.

How does this application work?

When a visitor signs in with Envoy, Mist receives their information and automatically provisions a temporary code to access your Wi-Fi network. Envoy then sends this code to the visitor via email or text message. 

Note: For this application to work, you must collect either visitor email addresses or phone numbers at sign-in. Learn more about how to configure your Envoy sign-in fields.

Enabling the Envoy + Mist application

  1. Under Wi-Fi, find Mist. Click “Install” and then “Configure”.

  2. Enter your Mist username and password, then click “Next step”. Please ensure that this user has sufficient permissions to create single-use codes.

  3. Select your Site from the drop-down, then click “Next Step”. Please ensure that this site has a guest network and guest portal configured.

  4. Select your network from the dropdown. Please ensure that this network has multi-PSK configured.

  5. Optional: Select Visitor types to block from receiving Wi-Fi credentials.

  6. Optional: Send guest Wi-Fi credentials to hosts. This is useful when visitors do not have easy access to email or text messages or if they are not required to enter their email address or phone number at sign-in.

  7. Click “Complete setup.”

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