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Ubiquiti UniFi Application
Ubiquiti UniFi Application

The Ubiquiti UniFi application enables you to easily provide unique Wi-Fi network access to each of your visitors and/or employees.

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How does this application work?

Envoy sends visitor information to UniFi, which then provisions a temporary voucher for Wi-Fi access to your network. Upon sign-in, the visitor will receive an email (if you collect visitor email addresses) and/or text message (if you collect visitor phone numbers) with a voucher code for Wi-Fi access.

Note: For this application to work, you must collect either visitor email addresses or phone numbers at sign-in. Learn more about how to configure your Envoy sign-in fields.

Enabling the Envoy + Ubiquiti UniFi application

  1. Under Wi-Fi, find Ubiquiti UniFi. Click “Install” and then “Configure”.

  2. Whitelist Envoy’s static IPs to allow a connection to your UniFi controller.

  3. Enter your UniFi Controller URL (on-prem IP and port, or Cloud URL).Example URL: https://136.xx.xx.xx:8443

  4. Enter your Controller username and password, then click “Save Configuration”.

    1. Please ensure that this user has sufficient permissions to create vouchers.

  5. Select your network site from the drop-down, then click “Next Step”.Please ensure that this site has a guest network and guest portal configured.

  6. Select your “Guest Network” that guests will connect to.

  7. Optional: Select Visitor types to block from receiving Wi-Fi credentials.

  8. Optional: Send guest Wi-Fi credentials to hosts. This is useful when visitors do not have easy access to email or text messages or if they are not required to enter their email address or phone number at sign-in.

  9. Click “Complete setup.”

  10. Go to Ubiquiti UniFi dashboard select Settings -> Guest Control, then find Authentication under “Guest Policies” and select “Hotspot”.

UniFi Network portal setup

Guest Control configuration example:

Wireless Networks configuration example:


  • Have you updated to UID and having issues with your credentials?

    • You will need to update settings to allow previous admin credentials.

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