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Tips for getting good photos
Tips for getting good photos

If you’re capturing visitor photos, here's some tips to ensure you get a crisp, high quality photo!

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If you’re capturing visitor photos, we can recommend some tips to ensure you get a crisp, high quality photo in which your visitor’s face is clearly visible.

Choose the right iPad height

Ensure that your iPad isn’t mounted too high or too low. Low mounts may not capture the visitor’s full face, and a high mount may require visitors to stoop down to come into the frame.

Choose the right iPad stand

There are a variety of stands on the market to suit your needs. We do also offer stands in the Envoy Store.

Avoid backlighting

You’ll want to see your visitor’s face clearly, so avoid pointing the iPad directly at a window or tilting it up toward ceiling lights. These angles are more likely to result in a photo with a silhouette instead of a visible face photo.

Correct for dark photos

If your photos are looking generally too dark or have dark spots, you can follow Apple’s instructions to refocus your iPad’s camera. Open Envoy, sign your self in as a test visitor, and when you get to the photo-taking step, follow these steps:

  • To focus on a certain object or person, tap that object or person on the preview screen. You’ll see the screen pulse, or briefly go in and out of focus, as the camera adjusts.

  • In photo mode, try to stay steady when you adjust the focus. If you move too far in any direction, the camera will automatically refocus to the center.

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