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NEW: Interactive workplace maps

See all Envoy products on interactive workplace maps in the Envoy mobile app. In addition to knowing who’s sitting where, you can now find and book available meeting rooms, see visitor details, and know where to pick up deliveries, straight from the map in the Envoy app.


Hi everyone,

Exciting news! You can find and use the map on the mobile Envoy app to book desks and meeting rooms, see visitor details and know where to pick up deliveries.

  1. On the Map tab, select a desk, meeting room, visitor area or mailroom for more details.

  2. To book a desk or room, tap on either "Desks" or "Rooms" under the search bar to see a filtered view of just those spaces. Tap the desk or room icon to see its availability and its details, such as whether the desk is available to book, or how many people the room can accommodate.

  3. If you’ve invited a guest onsite, see more details on when visitors arrive by selecting the visitor area on the map.

  4. Tapping a mailroom area will also allow you to mark when you’ve picked up your delivery.

Be sure to update to the latest version of Envoy’s app (iOS | Android). Read here for more details.

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