COVID scheduling limit allows admins to limit workplace entry to employees with approved covid documents.

Enable approval requirement

  1. Navigate to Protect > Settings > Employees

  2. Scroll down to Approval requirement and toggle it “on”

  3. Read the reminder and click “Continue”

  4. Select which form of approval is required before entering the workplace.

    • Admins can set a requirement for both Covid-19 documents which include proof of vaccination and test result

    • Admins can set a requirement for either a proof of vaccination or test results

    • Admins can set a requirement for only proof of vaccinations or only test results

  • Based on the form of approval selected, employees will not be able to schedule or book a desk for the workplace if they don’t have an approved document.


  • When this feature is enabled, the option to schedule will be grayed out on the envoy dashboard as well as the mobile app

  • On the mobile app, employees that were previously scheduled prior to enabling the approval requirement will still see the option to book desk or register but they will receive a “Something went wrong” error message.

  • Employees will have to submit their covid documents and an admin will have to approve the documents in order for the employee to be able to schedule and sign in

  • If you are using SCIM to sync vaccination status from your IdP (e.g. Okta, Azure) then a synced “healthDocumentApproved” status will act in the same way as an approved “COVID-19 vaccination document”. Note that the “healthDocumentApproved” status will not be visible in the Employee Directory as it is a different attribute within Envoy.

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