How it works

Employees can use the Envoy mobile app to unlock doors and badge into your building without requiring any additional apps or hardware.

After an employee is approved through Protect they will be provided access to unlock doors that are configured within your Openpath account from the Envoy Mobile app.

Note: You must contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature on Envoy Mobile.

Supported access control systems

This feature is currently supported on the following access control systems and requires the use of the Envoy integration to work:

  • Openpath

Set up the integration


You must first configure the Envoy Openpath integration using our install guide.

Follow these steps to grant Employees access to view and unlock doors from the Envoy mobile app.

  1. Go to the Integrations

  2. Find the Openpath integration and click configure

  3. From the setup steps on the integration card select step 3, Entries

  4. Check Allow employees to unlock doors with the Envoy mobile app from the setup menu

  5. Select Check to enable employee access only if they've been cleared via Envoy Protect from the setup menu

  6. Click Next Step

  7. Click Complete Setup

Unlocking doors

Unlocking doors after Protect approval

After completing the health check and receiving an approval badge employees will be able to view doors that have been granted access to them based on your Openpath configuration. Employees can only have access to unlock doors for a maximum of up to 24 hours. You can configure the access duration in the integration under Employee access duration.

Signing out of the Envoy app automatically revokes their access to unlock doors.

Unlocking doors after Protect denial

If an employee does not complete the health check and does not receive an approval badge they will be unable to view or unlock doors in Envoy mobile.

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