Using Announcements

With Announcements, admins can send out information to their Employees quickly. You can choose to send push notifications or just leave the announcement visible for when the employee next opens the app.

What do announcements look like?

  • Employees can view the announcement from the card itself by swiping past the "Registration" cards for Protect.

  • They can also click into the announcement itself and view it on its own page.

Announcements FAQ

  • Once an announcement is sent there is no way to edit it. If you want to change anything you must archive it and then send a new one.

  • This is a plain text modal. There are no bullet points or formatting choices to be made.

  • If there are multiple live announcements there will be multiple announcement cards.

  • Announcements are location-based. If you want the same announcement to go out at each location, you will have to change locations in the top left corner of the dashboard and send out an announcement for the other location(s) separately.

  • The Announcements will be listed by newest to oldest

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