Works with:

  • Visitor Kiosk app

  • Envoy Mobile (Coming soon)

How does this app work?

Your employees and visitors will use the Bindle mobile app to privately and securely create an entry pass for your location.

During the employee or visitor check-in process, Envoy will confirm with Bindle to see if your employee or visitor has created an entry pass that complies with your health screening entry policy.

Only employees or visitors that comply with your health screening entry policy in Bindle will be allowed to sign in.

The results of the entry pass verification (pass/fail) will be displayed within the Envoy dashboard alongside the visitor's record.

Enabling Envoy and Bindle

  1. Search for Bindle >Click on it > Click Install.

  2. If you have not set up a Bindle verifier account, please go to or email [email protected] to establish a verifier account.

  3. If you have your verifier account information, enter your Bindle account Verifier DID and Policy ID credentials, and click save configuration.

Using Envoy and Bindle

  1. Have your employee or visitors use the Bindle App to create their entry pass for your location.

  2. When it's time to check in have the employee or visitor sign into Envoy using the same email associated with their Bindle entry pass.

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