Enable employee screening

  1. Click on Protect on the left-hand side of the screen
  2. Click configure
  3. Click on New registration flow
  4. Scroll down to Questions
  5. Add your questions, once done click Save fields

Assign Protect to your location(s)

  1. Verify that the flow being displayed is the flow you want to assign to locations
  2. Click on no locations and select the location(s)
    • If you do have a flow assigned to that location you can click on this location or X locations to remove, add, or switch locations this flow is assigned to.
  3. Click Save

Delete employee screening flows

  1. Select the flow you want to remove
  2. Click Edit
  3. Scroll down to the bottom
  4. Click Delete registration flow
  5. Confirm by clicking Delete

Setup rules for employee screening

  1. Click “Rules” located next to the “Add field” dropdown
  2. Click the “Add rule” button at the bottom of the prompt screen
  3. In the Triggers section, from the first dropdown, select the sign-in field you wish to apply a rule to
  4. From the second dropdown, select the answer that will trigger the action you wish to apply
  5. (Optional) Select “Add another condition” to your rule to apply the selected action based on two or more answers
  6. From the dropdown under "Define actions," select either 'Deny entry' or 'Notify,' or you can select both options at once
  7. (Note) If you select 'Notify' as the action, you will then need to select the users you wish to notify
  8. Click Save rule

Managing response options

Available on Premium and Enterprise only.

  1. Navigate to Protect
  2. Click Edit on Employee registration
  3. Navigate down to Response options - This will be down at the Questions section
  4. Choose whether you want to
    • Save all responses
    • Discard all responses
    • Manage by field
  5. If you choose Manage by field you will need to change each question you want to keep or discard to the proper setting.
    • All short answer fields are automatically saved

What does this look like on the Employee log?

What does this look like in an Employee entry?

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