About Employee Registration via web

  • In order to see this option on the dashboard, the location you are editing must have Protect enabled.

Enabling Employee registration via web

  1. Click on Protect on the left side of the screen
  2. Scroll down to Send Registration Manually click Edit
  3. Click Generate link

Note: If your registration link is compromised you can always follow the steps above and click regenerate link. The old link will become unusable.

How to register as an employee

  1. Open up the link on your phone
    • You can do this on a computer however if your office requires you to show them a badge the badge can only be opened on the device you used to sign in. You will have to walk up to your team with your computer.
  2. Type your name and email as they appear in the employee directory

3. Check your email for the confirmation to begin the registration process

4. Depending on your company's registration window you will be able to choose between registering for Today and Tomorrow. Select the proper date you wish to register for and continue on to the questionnaire

5. Answer all questions, you will be denied or approved based on rules set by your admin team.

How to sign in as an employee

  1. Open your email on the device you registered with, click "Sign in" on the email from Envoy (Subject line: You're approved to work at {company})
  2. You will see your badge for the day which shows you were approved to work in the office.

How to sign out as an employee

  1. Open your email on the device you registered with, click "Sign out" on the email from Envoy (Subject line: You've signed in to {Company}{Location})
  2. You will see a confirmation that you've been signed out

Employee registration via web FAQ

  • You can create a QR code from that link using a general QR code generator website. With this, you can print it out so people have an easier way of getting to the registration page via their phone.
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