How does this integration work?

This solution allows visitors to automatically receive credentials during sign-in as well as expire Proxy credentials during sign-out. For customers utilizing Envoy Protect, this integration can also automatically activate and suspend employee access during employee sign-in and sign-out.

Getting Started

Before beginning, you will need to create an app in Proxy, which will require administrative access to your Proxy account.

Creating an app in Proxy will produce an App Key and App Key Secret, these will be necessary in the early steps of the integration setup in Envoy; make sure to record them for convenience.

You can revisit your app details at a later point, but the secret key will be hidden.

  1. Proxy Access: Navigate to the integrations directory in Envoy and search for Proxy, click "Install".

    1. Proceed to the "Access Proxy" setup step and enter the App Key, App Key Secret, and Organization ID from your app details page in Proxy.

  2. Site: With the App credentials successfully entered into Proxy Access, proceed to select the target site you would like to use from Proxy. This step will limit the scope of information selected in future steps.

  3. Visitor Mapping: Select the mapping of Envoy visitor flows to Proxy Groups. This step will allow you to define which groups each visitor flow in Envoy should receive in Proxy.

  4. Envoy Protect: Enabling "Envoy Protect" will allow the options on this page to take effect. This includes the option to exclude employees from the protect flow (e.g., site administrators) as well as restricting employee access to specific time frames.

    1. Note: Limiting employee access to specific time frames will also terminate access during sign out.

  5. Customization: This is the last setup step and allows several customizations to the Proxy configuration in Envoy:

    1. Invite Required: Toggling this option on will restrict Proxy credential issuance to only invited guests.

    2. Proxy Credential Notifications: Toggling this option on will send invite emails to guests which will allow them to utilize Proxy credentials from their supported mobile devices.

    3. Add "Created by Envoy" in Proxy: Toggling this option on will add "Created by Envoy" to the guest's name in Proxy with the intent of making Envoy guests more easily distinguishable in Proxy.

    4. Early Access: This option is primarily paired with the "Invite Required" option. Invited guests will be granted a period of time before their expected arrival time. The purpose of this option is to give guests enough time to navigate to their meeting room or waiting area before their meeting begins.

    5. Access Duration: This option is primarily paired with the "Invite Required" option. Invited guests will be granted an access duration in their Proxy credential based on their expected arrival time. Guest's access automatically expired during sign-out or when their access duration is exceeded.


If you're an Envoy customer then you already know your support is our priority — whether it be through our easy-to-access intercom bubble, email, or your dedicated CSM. Whatever your preferred means of communication just know we're here to make the process as easy as possible.

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