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About custom denial messages

When your employees go to register to come into the office, you can customize the message they receive when they trigger a denial message during registration.

How to enable a custom denial message:

  1. Navigate to your Protect settings page here in the dashboard.

  2. Find "Employee registration" click Edit

  3. Click Edit on the flow name

  4. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will see "Custom denial message"

  5. Enter the text you'd like to show when employees are denied and hit save.

How to customize the custom denial message

We offer the ability to Bold, Italicize, insert links, add bullet points, and numbered lists.

Bold and Italicize text

You can bold and italicize text either with the common keystrokes or using the buttons at the top of the text modal.

To insert a link, type the text you want to be a link, click the link icon and paste the URL. You will need to hit enter to insert the link.

Bullet points and numbered lists

You can insert bullet points or numbered lists by clicking on the corresponding icon.

How to reset the custom denial message

If you've made any edits a "Reset to default" button will appear on the right side of the text editor box. Click "Reset to default" to bring back the original denial message.

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