Athena's Elevated Temperature Detection helps protect your loved ones.

How does this app work?

As someone checks-in with Envoy, either touchless or via the iPad kiosk, a request is sent to Athena’s camera API with the unique identifier of the individual signing-in. The camera will be positioned to check their temperature at that moment of signing in and send the reading back into Envoy alongside their Protect or Visitor record’s unique identifier.

  1. Person should be positioned in front of the camera

  2. Upon successful sign-in via iPad kiosk app and/or Envoy mobile

  3. The check-in event will send a request to Athena's API

  4. The scan result will return via the webhook URL provided during the configuration

  5. This will be represented within the Envoy dashboard alongside the visitors record

Enabling Envoy + Athena

Envoy setup instructions:

  1. Go to Apps > All Apps.

  2. Search for Athena > Click on it > Click Install.

  3. [OPTIONAL] On the first tab, "Sensor Setup" enter the publicly accessible URL to your Athena device.

  4. Click "Save Configuration"

  5. On the second tab, "Webhook" copy the provided URL and send it to Athena's Support team.

  6. Enable Envoy Protect to check employees temperatures as they go through successful health attestation if you so choose by checking the box.

  7. [OPTIONAL] Choose continuous capture if you are unable to make your camera hardware externally accessible to trigger scans.

  8. Click "Complete Setup"

How to contact Athena Support?

Note: Athena does accept appointments for after-hours support, if a customer needs to set up their system when the office is empty, etc.

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