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How does this app work?

As meetings are booked through EMS, once confirmed, invites will automatically be created within Envoy.

Enabling Envoy + EMS

Note: You’ll need to have admin permissions on your EMS software to create a new integration client. Either become an administrator or ask your administrator for help before completing these steps:

EMS setup instructions:

  1. Go to your admin panel within EMS - ex address: https://xxxxxx.emscloudservice.com/platform/admin#/clients

  2. Click on "Integrations" -> "New Integration Client"

  3. Input the following information: Name = "Envoy", Type = "Partner", Role = "All Routes"

Envoy setup instructions:

  1. Search for EMS > Click on it > Click Install.

  2. Input your EMS base URL: https://domain.emscloudservice.com

  3. Input your EMS client ID and secret created above

  4. Choose your EMS event types to Envoy visitor types mappings

  5. Click "Next Step"

  6. Click "Complete Setup"

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