How capacity limits work

When you set a daily capacity limit, Envoy tracks your invites and visitors for the day and aggregates the numbers in a status bar on your dashboard. There are 4 different statuses based on the number of people expected and signed in.

  • Low capacity 0-79% of capacity.

  • Nearing capacity 80-100% of capacity

  • At capacity 100% capacity reached

  • Over capacity 101%+ capacity reached

Capacity limit alerts

Any Front desk, Location, or Global admin can also approve or deny via the dashboard.

If you or another admin is not actively watching the Envoy dashboard you can assign an admin to get alerts when someone tries to sign in if capacity has been reached.

Different capacity limit notifications

  1. Expected next day capacity

    1. This email will be sent to your selected admin(s) at 8:00 PM, based on the location's timezone, telling them of the next day's expected capacity.

  2. An alert when someone attempts to sign in but your location is already at capacity.

Important notes

  • Capacity limits are location-based, you have to set the capacity and the admin alerts per location.

  • You can view future day's capacity within the invites tab. If there are invites the capacity bar will appear.

  • We do not show the capacity bar on days in the past.

  • Capacity status changes from Low Capacity to Nearing Capacity at 80%.

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