How does this integration work?

What if you could take the convenience of wireless charging and merge it with the power of Chargifi and Envoy Rooms? It's no longer a hypothetical scenario with the new Chargifi integration for Envoy.

Simply place your mobile device on the Chargifi charger after entering your room or hot-desk and voila; you're checked in. There's always the chance that someone else got there first but don't worry; when a resource is already booked the Chargifi indicator light will flash to let you know.


  • If you don't already have Chargifi then now is the right time!

  • You will need admin access to your Chargifi account, as well as installed Chargifi chargers on the rooms or resources you intend to use.

  • You will need to have your rooms or resources added to Envoy Rooms.

  • Envoy Rooms Standard plan.

In the next section, we will look at the steps you need to follow to make the dream a reality.

Setup Steps

Broadly, setup can be separated into two primary components — Chargifi setup and Envoy. If you already meet the requirements then you will be happy to know they're both easy so let's take a look:

  1. Begin by navigating to the integrations page in Envoy and scrolling to or searching for "Chargifi".

  2. API Access: The first step in plugin requires credentials from Chargifi in order to access their API. You can gather the credentials or create new credentials from this Chargifi page.

    1. If you don't already have an API Key configured simply press the "Create an API Key" and proceed with the following settings:

    2. Name: We recommend calling this "Envoy Rooms" but the choice is yours.

    3. Application URL: You can simply enter "" in this field.

    4. Description: This is not required but feel free to enter helpful information for future reference.

    5. Organizations: We recommend leaving this open to all organizations, but the choice is yours.

    6. Redirect URLs: This field can be set as "".

  3. With these fields completed, you can proceed to click "CREATE".

  4. Click the API key you would like to use in Chargifi. This will take you to API Key page with several fields, including "Identifier" (A.K.A. Client ID) and "Secret" (A.K.A. Client Secret). We'll need both of these fields for the next step so keep them handy.

  5. Copy the "Identifier" from Chargifi into the "Client ID" field in Envoy's "API Access" step. You can then copy the "Secret" from Chargifi into the "Client Secret" field. Click "save" to proceed to the next step, "Select Organisation"

  6. Select Organization: This step allows you to limit the scope of data Envoy accesses when listing zones in subsequent steps. Go ahead and select your target Organisation and click "save" to proceed to the next step, "Monitor Zones".

  7. Monitor Zones: This final step will allow you to map Zones from Chargifi to Rooms in Envoy. Simple select your target zone or zones and map them to Envoy Rooms. You can repeat this step by clicking "Add Another" for as many zones which you would like to monitor. Once complete, copy the "Webhook URL" and click "Complete".

  8. While this is the final step in Envoy there's still one more in Chargifi. Navigate to the "Smart Integrations" section under "Develop" and install webhooks. This last step will have you press the "Add Webhook" button and create a new webhook with the following settings:

    1. Organisation: Select the target organisation, corresponding with the organisation selected in step 5.

    2. Venue: We recommend selecting "All Venues".

    3. Name: Enter "Envoy Rooms" for ease of reference.

    4. URL: Can you guess what we will place here? The value you copied at the end of step 6!

    5. Smart Spot Status: Enable "Select All".

You do not need to focus on the other options at this time, simply click "Create".


With these steps completed successfully, you can now place your device on a Chargifi spot in your target zone and the Envoy Room will be booked for the duration you selected in step 6.


Should you find any part of this setup confusing or otherwise need assistance, envoy offers several routes for additional support including intercom, email ([email protected]), and a dedicated CSM which can route your support requests.

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