Contact Tracing through Protect uses the Visitor Log to track who, based on their email address, was in the building on any given day.

If you need to find out who was in contact with an employee or visitor you can track down all of the people who were in the workplace and alert them as necessary.

How to use Contact Tracing

  1. Go to Protect in the left-hand panel on the dashboard

  2. Select Contact Tracing.

  3. Type in the email of the employee or visitor you're wanting to trace back to your location.

  4. Choose a date frame (there is a calendar modal that will appear when you click into the text box).

  5. Click Export.

Important notes

  • The CSV that is exported is currently all email addresses of those who were signed in to the location on the date/date range you've input.

  • You can enter multiple emails into the text box to search who has come in contact with multiple people.

  • We only export as CSV at this time.

  • We only export a list of email addresses, no dates or names will be provided.

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