How to register as an employee

Same-day or next-day registration

  1. Open the Envoy Mobile app. If you are new to Envoy Mobile, instructions to create a new account are here.

  2. Click Register on the card that says Today for same-day registration, or swipe to the left and click Register on the card that says Tomorrow for next-day registration.

  3. Answer all questions presented to you in the form.

  4. Click Finish.

How advanced registration affects capacity counts

An admin can delete an employee's scheduled registration to free up a capacity space for that day.

  • If you are a Global admin for the company and wish to disable this feature please contact support.

Entry approved or denied

How to sign in as an employee

Once an employee has been approved to enter the workplace, they will have the ability to sign in the next day when they arrive at the workplace. They will be able to do this right from their Envoy Mobile app.

  1. Open the Envoy Mobile app.

  2. Click Sign in when entering the workplace.

  3. When leaving the workplace, open the app, and click Sign out.

The Sign out button should only be clicked when leaving the workplace for the day to free up space for another employee to enter if need be.

✨Note: If an employee accidentally signs out, as long as the registration window has not closed they can always re-register for "Today" and simply sign back in.

✨Note: Employees will be able to open up a badge on their phone to show anyone in the workplace that they were approved to come in.

Enabling automatic sign-ins

You also have the option to sign in automatically when you arrive at work. Using geolocation technology, the Envoy app can sign you in automatically without having to open the app. This happens once you arrive within 100 meters of your workplace location on the days you are scheduled on-site.

This feature is automatically enabled for employees, on version 4.25 of iOS or Android, that have previously provided Envoy with full location permissions. If you have not provided these permissions, you will need to update your device settings and toggle on the feature from the Envoy mobile settings in the app.

To turn on automatic sign-ins:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Envoy app installed and opened: iOS | Android.

  2. Enable “Sign me in based on my location” within the settings of the Envoy app.

  3. Set location access to “Always” (on iOS) or “Allow all the time” (on Android).

  • If your location access was already set like that, automatic sign-ins should be enabled for you already.

  • Automatic sign-ins will not work if you select “While using the app.”

  • If your device does not prompt you to enable location, you can manually apply these settings. See this article for more info.

  • You must register for the day and fill out any required employee questionnaires before automatic sign-in will work.

Try it out! The next time you arrive at work, you should be signed in automatically.

If you don’t want to sign in automatically, you can disable this feature and continue to sign in manually.

Note: Envoy respects your privacy and will never store your location. For more info, please check out our privacy policy.

/Check-in Status

Once an employee has been scheduled and successfully completes manual/automatic sign in or desk check-in for the day, a green dot will display next to the employees name for easy tracking of who is actually in the office.

The dot will display on the bottom right of an employee’s photo or circled initials.

Important Note:

  • Employees will not have a green dot if they sign out for the day, leave the range of their companies location or it they are within range of their company location but are NOT scheduled.

  • The dot displays employee status for today only. If an employee visits a future date that an on-site employee is scheduled, they will still see the green dot representative of today.

Automatic sign-in + Health Checks

If your company requires a health check to go into the workplace, this will still need to be completed prior to registering for the day. If you do not complete (or fail) the health check, you will not be scheduled and will not be able to sign-in (manually or automatic).

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