How to register as an employee

Same-day or next-day registration

  1. Open the Envoy Mobile app. If you are new to Envoy Mobile, instructions to create a new account are here.

  2. Click Register on the card that says Today for same-day registration, or swipe to the left and click Register on the card that says Tomorrow for next-day registration.

  3. Answer all questions presented to you in the form.

  4. Click Finish.

How advanced registration affects capacity counts

An admin can delete an employee's scheduled registration to free up a capacity space for that day.

  • If you are a Global admin for the company and wish to disable this feature please contact support.

Entry approved or denied

How to sign in as an employee

Once an employee has been approved to enter the workplace, they will have the ability to sign in the next day when they arrive at the workplace. They will be able to do this right from their Envoy Mobile app.

  1. Open the Envoy Mobile app.

  2. Click Sign in when entering the workplace.

  3. When leaving the workplace, open the app, and click Sign out.

The Sign out button should only be clicked when leaving the workplace for the day to free up space for another employee to enter if need be.

✨Note: If an employee accidentally signs out, as long as the registration window has not closed they can always re-register for "Today" and simply sign back in.

✨Note: Employees will be able to open up a badge on their phone to show anyone in the workplace that they were approved to come in.

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