Setup Employee registration

  1. Click on Protect on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click "Add field" on the top toolbar.
  3. Choose what fields you want to add
    • This is similar to the process of adding Visitor sign-in fields.
  4. Once you've completed adding fields you can decide if you want to make them required or not.
    Make anything required that will be a rule for entry denial to be sure no one slips through the cracks by not answering the question!
  5. Click "Save fields".

Setup rules for employee screening

There are two types of rules that you can create for your employee screening questions that will automatically be applied based on the employee's answers to your questions when registering. You have the ability to deny an employee entry to your workplace based on their answers, as well as, the ability to alert specific users when an employee responds to your questions in a certain way. Before you can add rules to your questionnaire, make sure that you have already clicked “Save fields” after entering your questions.

⚠️ NOTE: Rules can only be applied to dropdown menu sign-in fields.

  1. Click “Rules” located next to the “Add field” dropdown
  2. Click the “Add rule” button at the bottom of the prompt screen
  3. In the Triggers section, from the first dropdown, select the sign-in field you wish to apply a rule to
  4. From the second dropdown, select the answer that will trigger the action you wish to apply
  5. (Optional) Select “Add another condition” to your rule to apply the selected action based on two or more answers
  6. From the dropdown under "Define actions," select either 'Deny entry' or 'Notify,' or you can select both options at once
  7. (Note) If you select 'Notify' as the action, you will then need to select the users you wish to notify
  8. Click “Save rule”

Editing and deleting rules for employee screening

  1. Click “Rules” at the top of the page
  2. The prompt will show you a list of your current rules
  3. Hover over a rule to see the edit button (pencil icon) and the delete button (trash can icon)
  4. Select the icon for whichever action you wish to complete

Setting up the daily registration window

The employee registration window allows you to determine when your employees will be able to register to come into the office. You can either have your employees register the day before they plan to come to the office, the day of their planned visit, or give them the option to register both the day before and the day of.

🚩 TIP: Read more about the nuances of how the registration window works here.

  1. Click 'Edit' next to Daily registration window at the bottom of the page
  2. Select when you would like the registration window to open: day before, or day of
  3. Select the time you would like the registration window to open from the second dropdown
  4. Select when you would like the registration window to close: day before, or day of
  5. Select the time you would like the registration window to close from the last dropdown

⚠️ NOTE: If your daily registration window begins on the 'day of,' you cannot select 'day before' for when the window closes

Assigning employee screening to active locations

  1. After questions are set up and rules are in place click "Select locations".
  2. You can select all locations, some locations, groups, etc.

How to register to come into the office

Refer to this article for a short description of how employees can register to come to the office and a template that you can send out on how to get set-up to do so.

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