How does this integration work?

With the Envoy + Glip integration, Envoy will send a Glip direct message to your employees every time a visitor arrives to see them.

Enabling the Envoy + Glip integration

Note: You’ll need to be an admin on your Glip account to complete this integration. Either become an admin or ask your admin for help before completing these steps:

  1. Go to Integrations > All integrations.

  2. Under host notifications, find Glip. Click “Install.”

  3. Authorize the requested permissions.

  4. Sign in to your Glip/RingCentral account.

  5. Select ‘Complete Setup’.

  6. Back on your dashboard, you’ll see that the integration has been enabled.

  7. To receive notifications from the Envoy bot, an employee must be listed with the same email address both in your Envoy employee directory and on your Glip team.

  8. We recommend testing new features before engaging your whole team. On the Envoy iPad, sign yourself in as a test visitor, select yourself as the host, and check out the notification you get from the Envoy bot.

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