If you have more than ten rooms paired to your Envoy Rooms account you will be prompted to purchase our Standard plan.  

On our Basic plan we offer up to ten rooms. If you have more than that you will not have the ability to add any additional rooms beyond those ten. 

If you are trying to pair a second iPad to an already active room hit the X at the top of the message and choose the room. 

Note: You are able to have any number of iPads per room.

If you have more than ten rooms at the time of your trial ending you will be asked to deactivate your rooms before you can continue to use the product.

You can deactivate your rooms in one of two ways:

  1. Deactivate using the display

  2. Deactivate using the the dashboard

Deactivate using the Display

  1. Click the Envoy logo at the top right of the screen

  2. Get the Settings access code from Rooms > Settings 

    1. Note: to change this code for any reason hit the pencil icon, delete, and type a new code.

  3. Type that code into the iPad

  4. After that you will see the device Settings hit Unpair iPad

Deactivate using the Dashboard

  1. Go to the Rooms tab on the left hand panel of the dashboard.

  2. Click on My Rooms.

  3. Click Manage next to the room you want to deactivate.

    1. Note: You have to do this for each room you want to deactivate.

  4. Click on the 3 dots next to the iPad name and select Remove iPad, if you have more than one iPad paired you will have to remove each one.

  5. You will see if the room is active or deactivated based on the device status. If it says "No device paired" and "Not paired" the room is inactive. 

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