You can use Envoy to trigger alerts to your administrators, and require that they approve a visitor's entry, based on a visitor's answer to a question in your sign-in. For instance, if you want to know if a visitor isn't a US citizen and requires an escort, or has recently visited an area affected by a health crisis, you can set up Envoy to alert your team if the visitor answers in a specific way.

Note that the block list works best when blocking individual people, rather than keywords in visitors' answers to your sign-in questions. We detail some things to consider if you choose to set up your block list in this way below.

Setting up conditional alerts

Add a new question to your sign-in

Start by adding a question to your sign-in flow. Navigate to Visitors > Settings > Sign-in flows >Sign-in fields then select "Add a new field." Select "Dropdown."

Format the question however you like, but be sure that the option that you want to trigger an alert is a unique phrase and not simply "Yes." For instance, if you put "Yes" as the option, this will alert your team if someone named "Laura Reyes" signs in.

Here's an example of what this should look like:

Add the phrase to your block list

Next you will need to add the phrase that, if selected, you would want to trigger an alert as a keyword on your block list.

Start by navigating to Settings > Security > Block list > Edit and add a new block list item.

If you haven't already, add an admin from your team to receive alerts. We recommend adding multiple people to make sure the alert is seen and acted on quickly.
Next, click "Add new" and in the keywords field put the exact phrase that’s in your sign in flow that you want to trigger an alert. Add a reason for blocking to give your team context on why this person should potentially not be allowed to enter.

Hit save and you’re done. If you have more options in your sign in flow that you’d like to alert your team, feel free to hit Add new again and repeat the steps.

When alerts will and wont trigger

Envoy checks if visitors appear on your block list when they're invited, complete pre-registration or when they sign in on the iPad. You have 3 separate ways to approve or deny a visitor if they hit your block list. 

  1. You'll get an email and you can click review now to approve or deny the sign in or pre-registered visitor. 

2. You can go to the dashboard
• For visitors who signed in at the kiosk go to Visitors > Visitor log
• For invited visitors who have pre-registered go to Visitors > Invites
Note: You can approve or deny from this screen, but if you want to see the details of why it matched the block list click on View details.

3. From inside the invite or visitor entry
• Once you've clicked View details on the matched entry you will see all the details entered by the visitor and can choose to Approve or Deny at this point.

Envoy will not alert the admin if the admin signs them in from the invites page. This is because the admin is willingly bypassing the previous alerts sent already.

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