How Rooms billing works

Envoy Rooms is billed per room, and you can subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. An annual subscription is paid upfront for a year, and overall costs 14% less than if you were to subscribe monthly for a whole year. Whether you choose to pay monthly or annually, your Envoy subscription starts the first day you pay. This date is referred to as your renewal date.

Envoy Rooms pricing

There are two plans that are differentiated by both room volume and feature set. The Basic plan is free up to 10 rooms and includes essential features such as schedule displays, walk-up booking, and admin alerts. The Standard plan is $18 per room, per month (on an annual subscription) and includes more advanced analytics and features such as privacy and booking controls and Slackbot notifications. You are able to purchase the Standard plan even if you have less than 10 rooms to access these advanced features.

How billing works if you have already purchased other Envoy products

Your whole Envoy account will be on one billing cycle, so your Envoy Rooms subscription type must match your Visitors or Deliveries subscription type.

  • If your Visitors or Deliveries subscription is billed monthly, your Envoy Rooms subscription must be billed monthly.

  • If your Visitors or Deliveries subscription is billed annually, your Envoy Rooms subscription will be billed annually. When you add a Rooms subscription on an annual plan, you’ll pay a prorated fee to cover the time until your next billing cycle.

Qualifying for bundled pricing

If you are purchasing more than 10 Rooms in addition to other Envoy products, you could qualify to receive up to 35% off. Contact sales for more information on custom pricing.

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