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If you have a meeting but don't have a room, we also provide the ability to Book now, if you see a room is available. This creates an impromptu meeting on the room's schedule display. Book now allows you to choose the duration of your meeting. You can choose 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. If, for example, you have a meeting in 48 minutes the 60 minute option will be greyed out and the 45 minute option will be changed to 48 minutes to give you optimal use of the space. 

There are two ways to Book now. 

iPad display

On the iPad display, if the room is vacant you will see a "Book now" button. Simply tap it and the room is yours. The default time of the meeting will be 30 minutes, unless you have a meeting sooner than 30 minutes away. If there is a meeting upcoming before 30 minutes, it will be the length until the next meeting.

Envoy Mobile

While on your mobile app, from the landing page you will click the small + symbol in the middle of the bottom toolbar and navigate to Book a room. 

Once there you will see a list of all available rooms. Click on the room you'd like to book and click "book now for X minutes" (This will change depending on how long the room is available for). Once complete it will show a green checkmark. The room's schedule display will also change to reflect a booked meeting. 

Space saver features

Check in

In the Envoy Dashboard, Check in is included as one of our Space Saver features. With Check in you can ensure that your meeting rooms are, in fact, being used, instead of booked with no one using the space. 

When a meeting is scheduled to start in a reserved room, the Rooms iPad will display a yellow "Check in" button. Meeting attendees have ten minutes (five before start time, five after start time) to check into and secure the room they've reserved.

On the flip side, if you don't check in to secure your reserved room, Envoy Rooms will automatically release the room after 5 minutes to allow the rest of the office to access the freed space.

If your meeting wraps up early and you're leaving the room, attendees can tap the red "End meeting" button to free up the space for the remainder of their reservation. This creates more available space for those searching for a place to meet.

To use your meeting room space to its fullest, Envoy Rooms has enabled Check in. Your team will need to begin checking into their meetings in order to confirm they are using the meeting space. 

How to check in

Envoy Rooms provides employees with a few different ways to check in. 

The Rooms iPad display

Simply tap the yellow "Check in" button during the time period of five minutes before a scheduled reservation, and five minutes after.

Notification integrations

Envoy will also alert your team members about their upcoming meetings. In Slack or Microsoft Teams, Envoy will send a notification when it's time to check into an upcoming room reservation. Employees simply respond to the notification by clicking the "Check-in" button to claim the room they've reserved. Then, Envoy will automatically update the status of the Rooms iPad to let the rest of the office know that that room is occupied. Learn more about host notifications.


If any employee has not checked in on the Rooms iPad kiosk, Envoy will alert employees via direct message on Slack, and encourage them to check into their room reservation. Click "Check in" on the Slack alert to secure a room reservation.

Microsoft Teams

End meeting

As we know, some meetings can end before their scheduled time. Instead of leaving the room unable to be booked and used by someone else, Rooms provides the ability to save space by ending the reservation early. The Calendar will be updated to show the real time the meeting ended, and then iPad display will revert back to appearing green to show that the room is now available for someone else to book. 

How to End meeting

On the iPad display you'll see that your meeting is in progress. 

Push End meeting and the display will change to available. 

The iPad display removes the meeting from view and the room becomes available to Book now.

For analytics and tracking purposes the meeting is not deleted from employee calendars. It's simply updated to show the proper end time of the meeting.

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