If you’re using the Okta employee provisioning integration (SCIM), it’s easy to add assistants within Okta instead of adding them manually in the Envoy employee directory.

How to add Envoy assistants in Okta

  1. Go to your Okta Directory.
  2. Select the employee to which you’d like to assign an assistant. 
  3. Go to their Profile tab and click “edit.” 
  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom; find Assistants, and click “Add another.” 
  5. Note: If the Assistants field isn’t already part of your Okta user profile, you will need to add this field to support syncing assistants via user provisioning. Here’s how: In Okta, go to Directory > Profile Editor > Okta and click “Profile.” Click “Add attribute.” Set up the Assistants profile attribute as a string array, as depicted below. 
  6. Type in the assistant’s email address, and click “Save.” 
  7. If you need to add multiple assistants, repeat steps four and five.
  8. Go to the Applications tab and select Envoy application.Click “Provisioning” and scroll down to “Show Unmapped Attributes”.Select pen to edit assistants, set “Attribute value” equal to “Expression”, enter “user.assistants” into text field, and assign radio button to “create and update” for Apply On.
  9. Check your Envoy employee directory, and your assistants should be automatically assigned.

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