Aerohive’s HiveManager feature is a way for you to easily provide Wi-Fi network access to your visitors. It securely provisions network access with context-aware policies that you can control and configure.

How does this application work?

When a visitor signs in, Envoy sends the visitor’s information to Aerohive, which then provisions temporary Wi-Fi access credentials to your network. The visitor will then receive an email or SMS (depending on your preferred configuration) with a temporary username and password for Wi-Fi access.

Note: for this app to work, you must collect either visitor email addresses or phone numbers at sign-in. Learn more about how to configure your Envoy sign-in fields.

Enabling the Envoy + Aerohive application

Note: You’ll need to be an admin on your Aerohive account to complete this installation. Either become an admin or ask your admin for help before completing these steps:

Step 1: Obtain your Aerohive API Access Token by logging into your Aerohive account.

  1. Click the Settings icon at the top of the screen.

  2. On the left side of the screen, click on API Token Management.

  3. Click the + icon on the following screen to add an application.

  4. Create an “Envoy” application, and enter the client ID 970fc9c3.

  5. Copy the generated API token. Leave this browser tab open.

Note: if you have a developer account with Aerohive, more instructions are available in this guide.

Step 2: Enable the app in Envoy

  1. Go to Apps > All Apps.

  2. Under W-Fi, find Aerohive HiveManager and click “Install.”

  3. Paste the API token you copied in the API access token field.

  4. Go back to Aerohive, and find your VHM ID under Account Details > About. Copy your VHM ID.

  5. In Envoy, paste your VHM ID in the VHM ID field.

  6. Go back to Aerohive, and find your regional data center URL. This is the URL that your browser displays when you’re logged in to Aerohive. Copy this URL.

  7. In Envoy, paste the URL in the regional data center URLfield.

  8. Click “Next Step.” 

  9. Make selections under the user group and policy drop-downs to assign visitors Wi-Fi credentials. The user groups and policies are configured in Aerohive.

  10. Under preferred delivery method, choose if you’d like to send the Wi-Fi credentials via email or SMS. Note that if you choose email, you’ll need to have the email address field as one of your sign-in fields. And if you choose SMS, you’ll need to have the phone number field as one of your sign-in fields. Configure sign-in fields if needed.

  11. (Optional) Enter a Purpose of Visit to be saved in the Aerohive access logs for auditing purposes.

  12. Click “Complete setup.” Once the Envoy + Aerohive application is activated, it will automatically begin provisioning Wi-Fi credentials for visitors. You can see the status of the app and any failures that have occurred on your installed apps page under Aerohive.

  13. We suggest you test a sign-in with yourself as the visitor to verify that you received the credentials.

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