A location can be defined as a physical office space or even a separate entrance within the same building. Each location requires their own license. 

For the majority of our customers, a “location” is defined as a physical office location. For example, if a company has several offices all over the world, they would set up one Envoy license for each of them.

But you can also set up Envoy in the ways that work best for your workplace. For example, you could have licenses for each entrance of a building or you could have licenses for every building within a central campus. Each of those licenses would be their own location that you could assign different admins to and track visitors and deliveries separate from other locations. 

For each location, you would typically need to order the associated hardware, i.e. iPad and badge printer and iPad stand.

Another way to think about it

Each location has its own separate visitor or delivery log. This dashboard is the real-time record of who’s in the building. At a glance, you can easily access any necessary information about a visitor or delivery, including what time they signed in or out, who picked up a package, and more. It can be easily searched or exported to provide backup in the case of an emergency or compliance audit.

If you need to ensure that data from different offices, entrances or buildings doesn’t blend together, then it’s best to create a new location for each one.

What hardware can be used at one location?

On Basic, Standard and Premium plans, you can pair unlimited iPads per location. Having multiple iPads at one location can improve the sign-in experience, because multiple visitors can sign in at once versus queuing up and waiting to sign in. No matter which iPad a visitor uses to sign in, their details will appear on that location’s dashboard.

If you’re using badge printing on a Standard or Premium plan, you can use one badge printer per location. Even if you’re using multiple iPads, all visitor badges will print from the same printer.

If you need to use multiple printers at your location, please contact us.

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