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Box is a cloud-based file sharing platform for business.

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You can learn more about Box, or sign up here.

How does this application work?

Envoy integrates with Box to make it simple to share signed legal documents with your team. Once the application is enabled, a PDF of each signed legal document will be automatically uploaded to the folder of your choice.

Note: If you have multiple visitor types, legal documents for all visitor types will file to the same folder.

Enabling the Envoy + Box application

Note: You’ll need to be an admin on your Box account to complete this installation. Either become an admin or ask your admin for help before completing these steps:

  1. Sign in to Box and create a folder to store your signed legal documents.

  2. On the Envoy dashboard, go to Apps > All Apps.

  3. Under File storage, find Box. Click “Install.”

  4. If prompted, log in to your Box account.

  5. Click the “Grant access to Box” button.

  6. Under Folder to save legal documents files to, choose a folder from the dropdown.

  7. Click “Complete setup.”

How signed legal documents look

Signed legal documents will file into the designated Box folder as a PDF file. The PDF file name contains the visitor’s entry date and the visitor’s name, making it easy to find a specific file when you need it.

Example of Box folder with signed agreements:

Example PDF of signed agreement:

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