Setting up nicknames in advance

As an administrator, you may know some employees in your office who go by nicknames or alternate names. You can set up these nicknames at any time.

We recommend using a nickname of at least 3-4 characters to ensure the most optimal match rates.

Important Notes:

  • Nicknames are set per location

  • This means that if you share your directory across multiple locations, and people work/get deliveries at multiple locations, you will need to add the nickname to each site.

  • This also means that you can have people with the same nickname at separate locations, such as HR or IT Department.

Add a new nickname

  1. Click “Add nickname.”

  2. In the Employee field, begin typing the employee’s name as it appears in the directory.

  3. In the Nickname field, type the first nickname you think might appear on a delivery’s shipping label and click “Save.” 

  4. To add additional nicknames, click “Edit.” 

  5. Type any additional nickname(s) in the Nickname field, and press the enter key after each one.

Important notes:

  • Any future deliveries addressed to the nickname(s) listed will automatically be associated with that recipient.

  • Nicknames are location-based. If you have "IT Team" at your HQ location, you can switch locations and go to Nicknames and add another "IT Team" with the contact person for that location.

    • The list appears globally but the nicknames are only for the location in which they're set up at.

Edit existing nicknames

  1. Locate the employee that needs edits to their nicknames, and click “Edit.” 

  2. To delete a nickname, click the X.

  3. To add a new nickname, simply type the new nickname and press the enter key.

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