How reminder notifications work

Reminder notifications automatically follow up with recipients when they don’t pick up their deliveries.

Reminder notifications look identical to delivery notifications. They’re simply additional, follow-up notifications.

You’ll select if you want reminders sent daily, every other day, or weekly. Plus, they’re always sent based on your notification schedule.

Benefits of reminder notifications

  • Reminders keep deliveries from lingering. Faster pick-up means you need less storage space.

  • Saves you from calling and tracking down recipients when they need a reminder.

  • Reminders are sent automatically, which saves you from continually taking inventory of what’s in your delivery area.

Since reminder notifications can get snoozed, just manually resend notifications if you need to reach recipients in the moment. Learn more.

Edit reminder notification settings

  1. Locate Reminder notifications.

  2. Click the dropdown. 

  3. Choose how frequently you’d like to send reminders.

    1. Off: Reminder notifications will not be sent

    2. Daily: Reminder notifications sent every day until it’s marked as “picked up”

    3. Every other day: Reminder notifications will be sent every other day until it’s marked as “picked up”

    4. Weekly: Reminder notifications will be sent weekly on the same day of the week the delivery was logged (i.e. every Tuesday) until it’s marked as “picked up”

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