How the delivery log works

No matter how you’re tracking deliveries, it’s important to have a system that keeps your records organized and easily accessible. With Envoy Deliveries, you’ll use your delivery log.

You can view the delivery log on web or mobile, and it updates every time you record a new delivery. It’s easy to search, sort, and filter to get the information you need.

Benefits of the delivery log

  • Delivery details are always recorded and easy to access.

  • Helps provide an “audit log” by showing when deliveries were recorded and picked up.

Taking actions in the delivery log

The delivery log isn’t just a list of records. It’s your central hub for managing deliveries at your location.

You can take the following actions from the delivery log:

  • Mark deliveries as picked up

  • Resend notifications

  • Move deliveries to another delivery area

  • Delete deliveries

View on web or mobile

Whether you’re at your desk or on the go, use the delivery log that meets your needs.

  • Web: You can view your delivery log in any web browser. This means it works on any computer or tablet. Just go to Deliveries > Delivery log.

  • Mobile: To view your delivery log on mobile, open the Envoy mobile app. Tap Delivery log in the bottom menu and you’ll see a list of all delivery areas. Tap any delivery area to view the delivery log.

Data storage

Your data is yours. All of your delivery data is stored indefinitely while you’re an Envoy customer. We only delete or purge data upon explicit request.

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