As an Envoy administrator, you’ll likely need to update or reconfigure various settings from time to time. If you have multiple Visitors locations, it’s easy to make multiple updates at once.

How updating settings works

When you need to update a given setting at multiple locations, you do not have to configure that setting “from scratch” multiple times. You can “copy” your updates over to additional locations.

You can use this feature to make multiple updates at once—as long as they’re all on the same section or page. Here are a few examples:

  • You can make multiple updates to one sign-in flow (like editing the photo settings) in one “batch.”
  • Similarly, you can update multiple settings on your notifications page at the same time.
  • You cannot update one setting from your Sign-in flow > Photo page at the same time as a setting from your notifications page. You’d have to make those changes in two separate “batches.”

Updating settings for multiple locations

Step 1: Update setting at first location

  1. Update the setting as you normally would, and save the changes.
  2. Scroll to the top of the page, and you’ll see Update 1 setting in more locations in the top right corner.
  3. Optional: Edit another setting within same settings page or sign-in flow. In this example, we are also going to enable visitor photos. The message in the top right corner has now changed to Update 2 settings in more locations.

Step 2: Choose sign-in flows & locations

  1. Click on Update settings in more locations.

2. Check the box next to the location or sign-in flow you’d like to update.
When editing sign-in flow settings, selecting the location will select all sign-in flows at that location.

To select specific flows, click Show sign-in flows and select desired sign-in flows. In this example, you see we’ve selected the “Interview” flow at each location. 

3. Click “Next.”
4. Proceeding will overwrite existing settings for the sign-in flows you selected on the previous screen, so take a moment to review your changes. If all looks good, click “Yes, overwrite.”

List of settings that can be updated across locations

Visitors > Settings > Account

  • Logo
  • Accent color
  • Language

Visitors > Settings > Welcome screen

  • Welcome image
  • Background color
  • Self sign-out

Visitors > Settings > Sign-in flow

  • Sign-in flow names
  • Enable or disable specific sign-in flows
  • Sign-in fields
  • Visitor photos
  • Use existing photos
  • Plus one sign-in
  • Final screen

Visitors > Settings > Notifications

  • Host notifications
  • Email notification
  • SMS notification
  • Slack Notification

Visitors > Settings > Pre-registration

  • Pre-registration
  • Invite notifications
  • Invite email template
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