Adding visitor types

⚠️ Note: There is a limit of 50 visitor types currently, for the most optimal visitor experience, we suggest using less than 10!

  1. Click “Add visitor type.”

  2. Choose a name for your visitor type. This is the name visitors will see on the iPad.

  3. Click “Save visitor type.”

  4. Pause here. At this stage, you’ve created your visitor type with default settings. You’ll need to configure settings for this visitor type and enable it to appear on the iPad.

  5. Use the top navigation to configure all settings for this visitor type.

  6. Once all settings are configured, select General from the top navigation.

  7. Toggle Enable visitor type on the iPad to the “on” position. 

At this stage, we recommend signing yourself in as a test visitor. Tap the “Tap to sign in” button, and the new visitor type should be listed on the visitor type screen.

Customizing the iPad visitor type screen

Display or hide visitor types

  1. Notice how each visitor type has an Enabled toggle below it’s name.

    1. Visitor types with their toggle in the “on” position will display on the iPad.

    2. Visitor types with their toggle in the “off” position will not display on the iPad.

Reorder visitor types

  1. Drag and drop the visitor types into the order of your choice.

Deleting visitor types

  1. Select the desired visitor type and click “Edit.”

  2. Select General from the top navigation.

  3. Click “Delete.” 

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